Lesson 7: Sloping Lies And Swing Practice

Lesson Objectives:  Here students will learn how to observe up and downhill lies and what to do when the ball is above or below their feet.

Downhill Lies
This is one of the more challenging shots.  The ball tends to go lower and farther, often tailing to the right. 

Uphill Lies

Have the student adjust their posture to stand more level with the slope. To do this simple change the levels to match the slope.

Ball Below The Feet

You want to compensate for the fact that the ball is closer to you than it would be from a level lie.

Ball Above The Feet
The ball below the feet on a side hill lie will tend to peel off to the right. 


Keys to Success: Following the slope with the path will determine the success of all these shots.

Group Management and Safety

  • All students can partake at once.
  • Use of plastic balls
  • Finding a slope on the course in a safe zone ( maybe best to use the fields)


  • 7 & 5 iron per student