Lesson 6: Hitting long Irons, hybrids and fairway woods.

Lesson Objectives: Students will learn how to use the Long Irons – hybrids and Fairway woods.

One of the toughest shots to hit solidly in golf is the fairway wood off the ground (especially a 3 wood).  This lesson will explain why students may have trouble hitting their fairway woods and what they can do to make consistent contact (this can also be applied to hitting hybrids club off the ground as well).

Body Coil

Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, and other greats generate tremendous power by coiling the upper body with a big shoulder turn.

Developing "Lag"

Successful drivers all have a "lag" in their swing. On the downswing, the wrists must release their energy at some point.  

Swinging with the Whole Body

Some of the biggest muscles in the body are the upper legs and trunk, and we should teach use of them to create power in the swing. On the downswing, the legs should begin the drive as the trunk begins the turn.


    • Long irons
    • Hybrids
    • Fairway woods

Student Options; Students can choose to practice more with one of the 3 clubs , long irons, hybrids or the 3 wood.

Keys to Success: Making solid contact with the ball and hitting within oneself.

Group Management and Safety: Basic driving range safety.