Lesson 5: Developing Pitching And Bunker Play Techniques

Lesson ObjectivesStudents will learn how to get the golf ball out of a green side bunker and how to play approach pitch shots.

  • The Set Up: Open v’s square
  • The Swing: Getting pressure on the sand.
  • Trajectories: Low, medium and high
  • Shot Selection: The low spinny pitch or bunker shot and the super-soft, high-flying flop shot.
  • Shot Routine: Building a consistent pre shot routine.

Keys to Success: Players understand that sand gets the ball out onto the green.

Players understand 1,2,3,4, lengths of swing for pitching along with the basic movement.


  • Golf clubs, (SW)
  • Golf balls, 20 per student

Student Success Goal

  • 6-7 out of 10 balls to land on the green

To increase difficulty

  • It may be possible to vary the lies, depending on the students progress.