Lesson 4: Introduction Too Putting And Chipping

 Lesson Objectives: 

  • Chipping low running shot
  • Putting aim point high or low
  • Speed control
  • Introduce Grip options for putting and chipping
  • Club selection options when chipping and putting.

How to aim putts... Students will learn how to read the green and also how to gauge the power needed to cover the necessary distance.

Instant Activity: The 10, 10, 4 putting set-up.


  • Golf clubs, (1 putter per student)  
  • Molded form grips on a few demonstration clubs
  • Golf Balls, tee’s
  • Croquet hooks

Student Options

  • Practice with a partner checking the correctness of 1he 10, 10, 4 template

Keys to Success:

Students understand how the posture formed in this lesson relates to the other strokes.

Students understand how to treat a putting green, and how to fix a pitch mark and why this is important.

Group Management and Safety

  • All students can partake at once.
  • No running on putting green, proper footwear necessary. e.g no high heels.