Lesson 3: Swing, Swing, Swing advancement

Lesson Objectives:  Students can demonstrate balance within their swing whilst producing the most amount of club head speed physically possible within their capabilities.

Students will understand that as a beginner gaining distance is most important over direction and how hitting through the ball whilst keeping the club head accelerating achieves this.

Video is added to this lesson, taping the students and taking them through the video analysis of their swings.
  1. Review the design of the club and how it relates to swinging on plane. ( Is student below or above the plane)
  2. Video impact shape of swing
  3. Source of power
  4. Checking the students ball flight and explaining how it relates to the ball flight laws.

Keys to Success: Allowing the students to get a feel for learning golf via video analysis.  


  • Golf clubs ( 7 irons)  1 per student
  • Golf Balls