Golf Lesson 1: An Introduction To Golf

Lesson Outline:  Students will be briefed on the facility and how to go about using the various parts of the golf club, including being shown the driving range, the pro-shop and the golf course.

The lesson includes a 1 hour seminar and 1 hour practical experience on the driving range.

The seminar will look at the myth's and truth's of the game of golf and in particular the golf swing. Footage of past day and present day professionals will be explained using a projector and computer software.

The second half of the lesson on the driving range will get the students started learning:

    • 3 things that effect Golf swing concepts
    • what your body allows you to do
    • what your clubs allow you to do

Keys to Success:

Students are prepared for the remaining lessons.

Students understand all pre-game necessities.

Group Management and Safety

  • All students can partake at once.


  • 7 iron